Mathematics Workshop

The Mathematics Workshop took place from July 18-July 22. Twenty-nine teachers from 15 of the 21 UMC secondary schools participated. Hope Law and Dave Figi, both retired mathematics teachers with over thirty-five experience each led the workshop. Curriculum stressed practical activites in trigonometry, geometry, algebra and arithmetic. The teachers in the workshop worked very hard and made good use of the resource materials. Resources included programmable calculators, geometry board tools, new resource books for Algebra I and II and Geometry and teacher activity kits. Hope Law obtained supplies [ calculators] from her former school as well as numerous teaching aids while Dave Figi's brother Steve arranged donated books from Houghton-Mifflin and school supplies from the School Specialty company.

Upper left: Teachers work on a math activitiy. Upper right: The mathematics teachers pictured at the UMC Secondary School located in Makeni.

Upper left [clockwise]: UMC Makeni Secondary School students inspect some of the book resources issued to the teachers. Teachers in a class session. The sessions lasted from 8:30 to 4:30 with a break for lunch each day. Abibatu Bangura, one of the mathematics workshop participants, transporting her resource books on Friday at the close of the workshop.

Dave Figi [upper left] and Hope Law [middle] shown with workshop participants [L-R] Traore Yao Narcisse [UMC Secondary Makeni ], Uzziah M.H. Sankoh [UMC Primary Makeni] and Alhaji Brima Gogra [ UMC Secondary for Girls-Freetown].

Hope Law works with one of the teams from the workshop. The teachers used 'homemade' instruments to help measure the 199m hill behind the UMC Makeni Secondary School. The winning team beat the second place team by .41m and was only 8 m off the actual height. Lesson in 'pdf' format.

Mathematics Workshop Participants

A. A. Aruna Cobaneh - Agricultural Secondary School Koidu Town
Abibatu S. Banguara - Wesleyan Church Primary School Makeni
Abu B. Bangura - Alhadi Primary School Makeni
Raymond S. Barzey - Yonibana Secondary School Yonibana
Emmanuel M. Bassie - Walter Schutz MemoriaL Secondary School Rotifunk
Patrick Bindi Baoma Secondary School Bo
Fatmata Fofana - Taima Secondary School Taima Kori Chiefdom
Alhaji Brima Gogra - United Methodist Secondary School For Girls Freetown
Emanuel Sahr Hinckley - United Methodist Secondary School For Girls Freetown
Sylvanus T. Joseph - Jaiama Secondary School Kono
Aminata K. Kaloko - B.D.E.C. Primary Makeni
Idrissa S. Kamara - Agricultural & Vocational Secondary School Molotnsi
Rev. Phillip L. Kamara - Centenary United Methodist Secondary Bo
M. A. Kamara Northern - Polytechnical-Makeni Campus Makeni
Catheriner Kamara - St. Joseph Primary School Makeni
Ahmadu B. Kamara - U.M.C. Primary School Makeni
Wilfred Kanli - Centary United Methodist Secondary Bo
Abu Mansaray U.M.C. Secondary School Makeni
Gibrilla Pratt Fergusson - Memorial Secondary Moyamaba
Christian Abu Sandy - Jaiama Secondary School Jaiama-Nimikoro
Lizziah M. H. Sankoh - U.M.C. Primary School Makeni
Raymond M. Sannoh - Baoma Secondary School Baoma-Bo District
Sheku Seisay - U.M.C. Secondary School Makeni
Rev. Sumaila Sesay - Action For Children In Conflict Makeni
Dwight M. Suluku - Taiama Secondary School Taiama
Solomon K. Thorlie - Northern Polytechnical-Makeni Campus Makeni
Z. Yad Narcisse Traore - U.M.C. Secondary School Makeni
John S. Turay - RTCI Waterloo
Emmanuel B. Tucker - Harford School For Girls Moyamba

Below: Steve Figi of Banta Corporation and Vickie Mourer of the Houghton - Mifflin team at the Indianapolis Distribution Center made sure that each of the twenty-nine teachers in the Mathematics Workshop received resource books for Algebra I, Algebra II and Geometry.

Mathematics Workshop Leaders

Hope Law

Received Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics Education from Teikyo-Westmar University in 1965.

Received Masters Degree in Secondary School Administration from University of Northern Colorado in 1978.

Completed course work in an additional 60 hours of graduate work in Mathematics and Cultural Studies beyond the Masters Degree.

Taught Mathematics, Music, Physical Education and Commercial classes as an Expatriate Contract Teacher at Harford School for Girls in Moyamba, Sierra Leone from 1965 through 1968.

Taught Applied Mathematics, Algebra I and II, and Geometry, in grades seven through nine for 32 years in Arvada, Colorado, U.S.A. In addition taught Social Studies classes and coached girls sports teams.

Was recognized by her peers as one of the Teachers of the Year (1985) in the State of Colorado and retired as a Master Teacher in the year 2000.

Currently is tutoring students in Math, serving as a Western State University (Colorado) Mentor for new teachers, training substitute teachers for the Jefferson County School District in Colorado, and serving (with her husband) as the Rocky Mountain Coordinator for Operation Classroom (a United Methodist Church program for assisting education in Sierra Leone and Liberia) and serves on the Board of Directors of CITA International (an organization formed to develop and maintain health and education facilities in Sierra Leone).

Dave Figi

Received Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics from the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater in 1965.

Received Masters of Science Degree in Teaching from the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater in 1975.

Completed course work in an additional 51 credits of graduate work in Mathematics, Computer Education and Computer Science.

Taught Mathematics and History classes as a Peace Corps Volunteer at Harford School for Girls and the Moyamba Boys School in Moyamba, Sierra Leone from 1965 through 1967.

Taught Mathematics and Algebra I, in grades eight and nine for 15 years at Marshall Junior High School and Algebra I, Algebra II and Computer Science for 22 years at Parker High School in Janesville, Wisconsin, U.S.A. In addition coached boys football and basketball sports teams.

Currently is retired from teaching but still coaches sophomore football at Parker High School and compiles track and field statistics for a website that promotes girls track and field in the state of Wisconsin.