Primary and secondary students that received Scholarship of Hope school fees

Photographs taken during the summer of 2012 by members of OC Team 1, 2, and 3

Operation Classroom: Travel Snapshots - Summer 2012

Where it all began: UMC Secondary School in Makeni. An open field now has 12 new classrooms

Above left: OC members present Awards for the Scholarship of Hope Students. Above right: One of the students who received gifts and a certificate.

Above: The primary school in Mononkoh. The school was once a small one room school.

Left: WAP [Women Against Poverty] Group Awards.

Below: The 'WAP' Group and some of the attending OC members.

Above: The Doris Acton U.M.C. Community Health Center staffed by nurse Aminatu Kamara. The Center had their grand opening in July 2012. Aminatu and her husband Rev. Eddie Kamara have organized the Makeni UMC Church members who cooked for and took care of the OC teams that stayed in Makeni during the 2004-2008 OC projects. Mononkow is a small village near Makeni.

Aminatu and Rev. Eddie Kamara

Above: Amputee Camp Barrie in Kabala

Some of the new homes on the hillsides leading to Kabala Mountain.

Left: Abu Conteh and his family on Lumley Beach in Freetown. Abu lives in Freetown and has assisted the OC groups since 2004.

Below: Abu's daughters.