Operation Classroom: NarSarah Clinic In Kabala - Summer 2012

The Narsarah clinic now has an ultrasound machine [above]. The clinic has made amazing progress since 2005

Photographs taken during the summer of 2012 by members of OC Team 1, 2, and 3

The ambulance is shown on the day that a man was brought to the clinic. The man was later transported to the Government Hospital. During transportation an IV was administered to the patient.

Radio broadcasts have been used to instruct citizens how to react to the lights and siren of the ambulance.

Above left: The technician draws blood in order to test for malaria, TB, and worms. Above right: Lab equipment that allows the clinic to test for HIV.

Left: The technician making use of the new microscope. Above: The guesthouse at the clinic.

Above and below: The new operating room

Making blocks for the clinic wall.

Preparing the meal for the celebration held at the clinic